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30,000 Days – music album

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  • 14 tracks of fresh songs, musical gimmicks & a bonus track
  • language: English
  • available as download only
  • comes with a 33 page booklet (as PDF)
  • songs about the human lifespan (30,000 Days), Big Data as a superhero, or racism in space (Why is Miss Universe always from earth?)
  • approx. 60 minutes
  • based on the soundtrack to the Wonderland Incorporated theater trilogy
  • participating musicians: half past selber schuld, Dodo NKishi, Lex Parka, Sven Kacirek, Zili Ben Yaákov, Roy Tracy, Florian Deiss, Regis Molina Reynaldo, Denis Cuní Rodríguez, Daniel Allen

You may have heard some of the songs or themes in one of our shows. In any case, they were all rearranged with love and dedication. You can hear and buy it at Bandcamp. Or stream it on any other music platform.


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